Justin Bieber Fans Paid Over $2000 For VIP Tickets To Meet A Cardboard Cutout

Just when we were all starting to sort of, maybe, kinda like Justin Bieber he goes and pulls some shit like this.

His royal Biebness made a heartbreaking proclamation last week that he would be cancelling all of his upcoming fan meet & greet appearances because they were leaving him feeling “drained” and “unhappy”.

And look, even though we’re not personally familiar with the #popstarlyf rigours of having to hang around for hours bringing joy to hundreds of your most adoring fans by smiling and saying “cheese” (yet…) we’re not about to sneer at someone making a decision to not do so in the best interests of their own mental health.

The problem is, as NME reports, that fans in the US who’d already forked out up to $2,000 (= $2,650 AUD) for a VIP ticket to The Biebs’ Purpose tour dates reportedly couldn’t get a refund unless they relinquished their whole ticket.

Meaning not only were Bieber’s biggest fans not getting to see Bieber, they were also staring down the barrel of not even getting to see his now sold-out concert if they tried to get their money back.

Understandably, the sacrifice was too much to bear for many Beliebers. But there was one small – uh – consolation? Those who kept their tickets still got to get backstage photos with their hero!

Albeit he was looking a little stiff.

And on top of making sure VIP fans still got their exclusive happy snap, the Biebenator also promised to make it up to them by giving them the “best show you have ever seen”.

So there you have it guys, anything can happen if you just


Is it too late now to say sorry?

Watch: Justin Bieber – Sorry

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