Justin Bieber Has Only Gone And Pissed Off UFC Slugger Nate Diaz

Justin Bieber was pretty sore when Conor McGregor was defeated by Nate Diaz at the UFC 196 last Saturday. He may regret taking to Instagram to lament the loss, though, because now he has taken a beating from the martial arts welterweight Diaz himself.

Ok, not a physical beating. But a slam over social media can feel just as bad sometimes. Diaz took to Instagram himself last night to respond to Bieber’s post which had described him as having “terrible” style.

For a post captioned “Biebers [sic] a hater”, Diaz has enlisted support from @animatedfighter who depicts Diaz delivering a knockout blow to the Biebs while yelling, “Shut Your Bitch Ass Up!” It’s pretty scary, poor Biebs.

Diaz was pretty venomous IRL on the night of the fight: he arrived throwing the middle finger all over the place and calling just about everyone a “motherfucker.”

Bieber has yet to respond, but he’ll probably be better off not inciting more beef from the 170-pound fighter. Learn more about the UFC champ, here.

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