Justin Vernon Has Responded To Brad Pitt Listening To Bon Iver As Break-Up Recovery

Justin Vernon knows a think or two about heartache. He literally took himself to the woods to pen For Emma, Forever Ago after a break-up and has since become known for his fragile heartbreak songs.

It seems Brad Pitt has connected with that following the breakdown of his marriage to Angelina Jolie as The Daily Mail is reporting that Pitt has been spinning Bon Iver while sculpting.

Apparently, he’s been holed up in an LA art studio listening to playlists of sad songs which may or may not be very over exaggerated.

Whether or not it is, it’s caught the attention of Bon Iver mastermind Vernon who quoted a tweet about it and wrote, “cool.”

“Someone get brad at me, I guess? We should talk.”

We reckon that Vernon’s the perfect person to talk Brad out of his supposed funk. After all, he seems to have recovered pretty well after finishing his debut album with the lyrics, “This is not the sound of a new man/Or a crispy realization/It’s the sound of me unlocking and you lift away.”

As well as Bon Iver, Brad has been listening to Waylon Jennings’ Just To Satisfy You which is also very direct breakup song.

Brad, give Vernon a call and maybe he can serenade you in person while you sculpt.

Listen: Bon Iver – ‘Re:Stacks’

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