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Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon Joins TikTok, Says It’s “Worth Checking Out”

Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon has joined TikTok and it’s actually a bit wholesome. Since joining the platform most of his content has just been admiration of TikToks he enjoys.

“TikTok is extremely worth checking out,” he reported to Twitter.

“I’ve found a lot of positivity, education, and music there.

“Makes me feel different about social media. Oddly, hopeful.”

He shared a link to his own TikTok profile syaing, “Here’s my profile. No need to follow, but you can see what I see there.”

His signature TikTok move so far is duetting his fave TikToks, just with a little bit of his face showing in the shot — usually his beanie.

He shares some inspo.


##duet with @justhopinalong

♬ original sound – Hope Woodard

Some philosophical content.


##duet with @rickquestionsthings

♬ orijinal ses – ponciklendin

And of course, he’s across musical TikTok.


##duet with @itsbenhorsburgh

♬ Blackbird A Cappella – Ben Horsburgh


##duet with @moniquearnett1

♬ original sound – margaux

Bon Iver released his last single ‘AUATC’ in August last year — it featured Bruce Springsteen and Jenny Lewis.

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