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K-Pop Star Park Boram’s Autopsy Result Shows ‘No Signs Of Homicide Or Suicide’

South Korean Park Boram passed away at the age of 30 on Thursday, 11th April in the afternoon, she was one of the most celebrated K-pop icons worldwide. The news of her untimely death came as a shock, leading to speculation, especially regarding the cause of her death.

However, Park Boram’s talent agency, XANADU Entertainment has now officially clarified the circumstances surrounding her death. They released a statement on April 15, ruling out suicide or homicide rumours via the autopsy results.

Park Boram’s XANADU Entertainment Clarified All The Rumors Behind Her Death By Sharing Her Autopsy Result

The agency XANADU Entertainment stated, “An autopsy was performed this morning (April 15) to confirm the cause of death of the late artist Park Bo Ram. The autopsy showed no signs of homicide or suicide, and the exact results will be delivered to the bereaved family at a later date.”

Park Boram’s agency requested everyone to refrain from sharing rumors. “We sincerely pray for the soul of the deceased who unfortunately passed away, and we request that you refrain from circulating rumors and speculative reports so that the bereaved family can properly send off the deceased on her last journey.”

The agency concluded her statement by requesting to pray for her. “We would appreciate it if you could pray for the late Park Bo Ram, who never let go of her passion for music and nurtured her dream, so that she can rest comfortably in a warm place.”

Park Boram’s funeral arrangements have also been announced. Her funeral will be held on April 17th at 3:00 PM KST at the Funeral Home in Asan Medical Center, with the burial procession following at Seoul Memorial Park.

The agency requested prayers for Park Boram, acknowledging her unwavering passion for music and her dedication to her dreams. Fans continue to mourn the loss of the talented singer, remembering her for the beautiful melodies she brought into their lives.

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