Kanye West Is The President Of Comedy In New Video Reimagining His VMAs Speech As The Seinfeld Intro

Now it all makes sense. Kanye West’s seemingly rambling 13-minute stream-of-consciousness diatribe at this year’s VMAs, in which he puzzled over award shows, said “bruh” a confusing number of times and announced his candidacy for the 2020 US Presidential election, was all just one elaborate stand-up comedy routine.

Some genius Twitter user called SeinfeldCurrentDay has placed Yeezy’s perplexing rant into the context it was originally intended for, intercutting footage of him from the VMAs with the iconic bass-slapping theme song and laugh track from the intro of everyone’s favourite show to watch re-runs of, Seinfeld.

Behold as Ye’s seemingly nonsensical musings evoke presidential LOLs, proving once and for all that what we originally believed to be merely the most confusing Video Music Vanguard Award acceptance speech OF ALL TIME was actually just Kanye’s own eccentric way of making a grand and glorious debut into the world stand-up comedy.

Check it out below. Serenity now!

Watch: Kanye West Makes His Stand-Up Comedy Debut

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