Kanye West Makes Painfully Awkward Mid-Show Floating Exit After Losing His Voice

Kanye West‘s Saint Pablo tour has had it’s ups and downs this far, but this would have to be the definitive low point for Yeezy – after he lost his voice and cancelled a show in Inglewood, California mid-song.

He’d been struggling with his vocal chords over the course of the set, and at one point called for the music to be stopped saying “Turn the lights up. Show’s over.”

“I can’t let ya’ll have a show where I can’t perform,” he continued. “I’m very sorry. I love you. I promise to do better next time.”

That could have been the end of it. Kanye would have walked off stage and everyone would have gone home – except that in true Yeezy style, he’s been performing all shows on the tour while tethered to a levitating platform, that you definitely shouldn’t try to climb.

As a result, he was forced to stand still as the platform floated away, painfully slowly – in what must go down as one of the most awkward mid-song stage exits of all time.

Check out some footage of Kanye’s painfully awkward exit below.

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