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Image for Kanye West Verse Voted “Best Rap Verse Of All Time” By Kanye West

Kanye West Verse Voted “Best Rap Verse Of All Time” By Kanye West

Written by Mike Hohnen on July 22, 2013

In what must have been a truly difficult decision for him to make, Kanye West has awarded himself with the arbitrary and totally fictitious accolade of “best rap verse of all time” after discovering he really likes the 2nd verse of his album track New Slave.

Of course, no real awards ceremony would actually award this nonsense, so West took to the only place where his egotistical blatherings are most likely to be noticed – his Twitter account. Kanye clarifies what this title means, explaining he means best rap verse “of all time in history of rap music, period”.

West must have really needed the confidence boost – and others have may thought it wise not to provide it – as his declaration came moments after he went head-to-head with a paparazzo in L.A, where he may have emerged the victor but also a potential felon.

The question is, now West has the support of a mainstream artists as prominent as Kanye West, will it be viewed as selling out? We’re looking forward to seeing the Twitter battle between these two at a later date.

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