Kasey Chambers To Be Inducted Into ARIA Hall Of Fame

UPDATE: ARIA Awards 2018 Winners List: LIVE UPDATES

ORIGINAL STORY: Australian country angel/national treasure Kasey Chambers has been announced as the ARIA Hall Of Fame inductee for 2018.

The ARIA Awards — which are happening later this month — will honour the music icon’s groundbreaking feats, including the fact that she’s the youngest ever woman to receive the Hall Of Fame honour.

Chambers gave a long and personal statement regarding the huge honour, noting her incredibly humble beginnings.

“I grew up learning to play music around a campfire in the outback of Australia with my family,” the statement reads.

“Living in our car, hunting our own food and creating our own unique sound together that was always hundreds of miles away from any kind of audience. I never even dreamed that one day the music that I wrote and played would connect with so many people, let alone get me to a place where I received the phone call that I would be inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame!! You could have knocked me over with a feather.

“I am so proud to have been able to create the music I love in a way that has always felt so true and authentic to me and to have it reach so many people. To be recognised by ARIA through this award is one of the greatest honours I could possibly imagine and I am so humbled to get the chance on the night to share the journey this little country singer from the Nullabor has actually had. THANK YOU!”

Chambers has the most number one albums by an Aussie female artist, tied with Kylie Minogue and Olivia Newton-John. Both of those woman have already been inducted into the ARIA Hall Of Fame, so it seems perfect timing for Chambers to receive the honour.

The 2018 ARIA Awards will air on Wednesday, 28th November this year, and Amy Shark is leading this year’s nominees.

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