Kate Bush To Release ‘Director’s Cut’

Six years ago, Kate Bush returned from her self-inflicted wilderness with a new album in Aerial, and now a follow-up is finally on the cards. The mysterious songstress is to release Director’s Cut on May 16 through her own label Fish People, in conjunction with EMI.

There is a twist, of course, as Director’s Cut is not actually an album of new material. Pitchfork reports that the album contains re-recorded bits and pieces of songs from two of her previous albums, The Sensual World (1989) and The Red Shoes (1993). The new LP will be “keeping the best musical performances of each song.”

Director’s Cut will be available digitally, on vinyl and as a CD release with a case-bound book, a three-CD package also including The Sensual World and a remastered The Red Shoes.

A rejigged Deeper Understanding from The Sensual World will be released in April, while Pitchfork also notes that “Kate is currently working on new material although no release date has been set for this.”

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