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Katy Perry Calls The ‘Dark Horse’ Lawsuit A “Travesty Of Justice”

ICYMI, Katy Perry and the team of writers behind her mega-hit ‘Dark Horse’ have been hit with a $2.78 million USD lawsuit. Now, the pop superstar has come out and condemned it.

The song was found by a jury to have plagiarised a song called ‘Joyful Noise’ by Christian rapper Flame, and the court slammed Katy Perry, Dr. Luke, Juicy J, Max Martin, Cirkut and Sarah Hudson with the huge lawsuit that, in a new statement, the team of writers have called a “travesty of justice.”

“The writers of Dark Horse view the verdicts as a travesty of justice,” the statement reads, according to Variety.

“There is no infringement. There was no access of substantial similarity. The only thing in common is unprotectable expression — evenly spaced “C and “B” notes — repeated. People including musicologists from all over are expressing their dismay over this.”

“We will continue to fight at all appropriate levels to rectify the injustice.”

Flame’s legal team had originally asked for a whopping $20 million USD in damages, with the defense lawyers arguing that $360,000 USD would be more reasonable. The jurors believe that $550,000 USD would be an appropriate amount.

While no appeal has been lodged just yet, it’s assumed that Perry and co. will lodge one as soon as possible. The entire case could take months or years to reach a conclusion.

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