Kevin Hart Is Taking Run The Jewels’ Name For A Movie Title And They’re Not Happy

Kevin Hart is reportedly producing a hip-hop comedy titled Run The Jewels which happens to be the exact same name as the hip-hop duo of El-P and Killer Mike, but they’re not involved in the project.

Run The Jewels have been in operation since 2013 and are prepping for the release of their third album this year so understandably they’re not impressed by their name being snatched by a big-name movie. And if having a band name the same is not enough, they also have a song called Run The Jewels.

El-P got wind of the news and has tweeted out a bunch of things about it, none of them jovial.

“Excuse me while I go starve a savage pack of lawyers for 7 days,” he wrote first on Twitter before chatting back and forth with a few fans.

One user asked why Hart would not call the band before and El-P replied, “prolly lost or number. its cool we’ll be calling them.”

The plot thickens because back in 2013, he tweeted, “4 words: RUN THE JEWELS MOVIE,” which presumably means he had hopes for the duo to release a film at some point. A hip-hop comedy released with the same name would make it a little more difficult for them to have that name and be distinguished correctly.

Hart is yet to respond to all of this but it’s likely that there are a few conversations going on behind closed doors with lawyers right now.

Watch: Run The Jewels – Run The Jewels

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