Image: YouTube / TomOdellVEVO

Kevin Spacey Stars In Tom Odell’s New Music Video

Kevin Spacey is the central protagonist of UK singer-songwriter Tom Odell’s music video for his 2016 track Here I Am.

The track comes from Odell’s second studio album Wrong Crowd – and the video follows Spacey as he finds himself stuck in the same time loop over and over again in a M. C. Escher stair-artwork situation.

The 57 year-old actor tries time and time again to reach a doorway that has bright party lights streaming from it; but the loop always resets with the door closing, and Spacey is condemned to stumble over and over through the same moment while the lyrics repeat over and over “I’m going out of my head here darling.”

Watch: Tom Odell – ‘Here I Am’

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