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Killswitch Engage Have Reunited With Frontman Howard Jones For Something “EPIC”

Killswitch Engage‘s new material is set to feature an “EPIC” clash of the Killswitch vocalists!

The metalcore legends have hooked back up with former longtime singer Howard Jones in the studio to record a band new song.

…But that doesn’t mean current frontman Jesse Leach has been shunted to the sidelines.

In fact, Leach was the one who took to social media to reveal the huge collab, posting a studio pic of himself, Jones and guitarist Adam D on Instagram alongside the caption: “This dude was in the neighbourhood, so I figured hey let’s get him to lay down some stuff for a thing”.

“He did,” Leach continued, “and it is going to be EPIC!”.

In case you need a refresher, Jones took the reins from Leach as Killswitch’s main man for a decade stretching from 2002–2012, with Leach returning after Jones exited due to health issues.

And it seems like the two frontmen couldn’t be on better terms.

In a second Insta post, Leach shared a short clip of himself playfully lip-syncing along to Jones’ vocals, adding that he had a “great day talking mental health” with his counterpart.

“Today was epic, it was HUGE for the legacy of Killswitch,” Leach wrote.

“It was fun and it felt like what we were doing was important. I plan on using this song to help continue to raise awareness for mental health and suicide prevention. Both Howard and I have a very strong outspoken stance on the subject and I will use this to help with the cause!”

The band last toured Australia in 2017 with Leach at the helm, off the back of their 2016 album, Incarnate.

Have a squiz at Leach’s Insty posts below as we wait for the fruits of this era-colliding collab to drop.

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