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Kim Gordon Announces 2024 Australian Tour

The former Sonic Youth vocalist, Kim Gordon is set to do an Australian Tour, in 2024 supporting her new solo album titled ‘The Collective’. Gordon toured Australia many times before as well. 

Kim would be seen performing in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Melbourne in July and would also make appearances at Open Frame and Unsound Adelaide. 

This new LP came along with a music video of the main track titled “Psychedelic Orgasm”, the video has been directed by Gordon herself and the filmmaker/musician/producer Vice Cooler. The LP also features certain singles like “I’m A Man” and “BYE BYE”, which were released earlier and starred Coco Gordon Moore. 

“Psychedelic Orgasm” – Kim Gordon

“Gordon will turn 71 next month, and she’s made one of the most daring albums of her career. If you want to get it though, you have to turn it up and submit,” stated Rolling Stones about this album. 

 “What Gordon has proved in this past decade is that her art, her life, her cool…has never been contingent upon anyone else. With time, and through continued art-making, she has righted her ship and pointed it once again in the direction of thrillingly uncharted waters.” added The New York Times about the newly released album ‘The Collective’. 

You can stream the new album “The Collective” by Kim Gordon from here.

Tickets for Kim Gordon’s Australian tour will be up on sale for the general public on Thursday, 2nd May. Gordon is doing this tour to support her album ‘The Collective’ which was released via Matador and has also received a lot of praise. 

Kim Gordon 2024 Australian Tour Dates:

  • Thursday,18th July at TBA, Sydney
  • Friday, 19th July at TBA, Sydney
  • Saturday,20th July at Unsound Adelaide @ Dom Polski Centre
  • Sunday, 21st July at Open Frame, Brisbane Powerhouse
  • Wednesday, 24th July at Northcote Theatre, Melbourne

Tickets via Mistlestone

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