Kim Salmon & Spencer P Jones ‘Runaways’ Pre-Order

Australian rock and roll veterans Kim Salmon (The Scientists) and Spencer P Jones (Beasts of Bourbon and Paul Kelly & the Coloured Girls) will soon release their first, and perhaps only, album Runaways, due out this Friday, 15th February.

The beginnings of Runaways date back to early 2012 when Salmon and Jones played together at grimy rock stalwart The Old Bar in Melbourne for a month-long residency. During their tenure, the duo developed an assortment of covers both classic, like I Need Somebody by The Stooges, and modern, a la Runaway by Kanye West. The pair also wrote a handful of originals, including bluesy lead single A Bitter Projection, which would go on to form the backbone of Runaways.

To mark the release, Kim Salmon & Spencer P Jones will be playing tracks from Runaways live at iconic venue The Tote in Collingwood this Friday, 15th February. At the show, you’ll also be able to pick up a strictly limited 45-inch vinyl edition of lead single A Bitter Projection, backed with B-side Monkey, which features Eagle And The Worm member Ross Beaton.

Runaways is now available for digital pre-order via Kim Salmon’s Bandcamp, for the modest sum of 12 smackeroos. Get into it!

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