King Parrot Drop Album Details & Cooked New Video For ‘Ten Pounds Of Shit In A Five Pound Bag’

King Parrot have chucked the putrid details of their new album in our general direction, along with the hilarious and frankly traumatising new music video for its flagship single ‘Ten Pounds Of Shit In A Five Pound Bag’.

The follow-up to 2015’s Dead Set is dubbed Ugly Produce and was produced by the lads’ good mate Jason PC from Blood Duster at the enigmatic Goatsound Studios. It’s on a course to collide with our earholes on Friday, 22nd September.

The putrescent Melbourne grindlords previously described their new record to Music Feeds as their “most vicious and abrasive release to date” and their new announcement is keeping the hype train rolling, calling the forthcomer “a step-up in every sense”.

“The reckless Aussies have topped themselves with another savagely brutal LP,” a press statement reads. “A ten-track feast of distinctively punishing and powerful anthems veined deeply in the extreme underground sound.”

And you can literally eat shit with the first helping of said feast — ten pounds of it to be exact — courtesy of their new single ‘Ten Pounds Of Shit In A Five Pound Bag’.

The kinky, NSFW video is one of King Parrot’s most cooked yet, starring Slatts with a giant black dildo affixed to his cranium. Enjoy.

Ugly Produce Track Listing

1. Entrapment

2. Piss Wreck

3. Disgrace Yourself

4. All Hail The Grub

5. Ten Pounds of Shit in a Five Pound Bag

6. Scattered

7. Now It Stokes Frenzy

8. Numb Skull

9. Die Before You Die

10. Spookin’ The Animals

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