King Parrot Reveal Their “Most Vicious” Album To Date Is “Coming Soon”

Strap in (or strap on?), because King Parrot are preparing to crush our eardrums with a brand new album that’s “coming soon”.

The putrescent Melbourne grindlords have taken to social media to announce the jolly news, toasting the occasion with a video of everyone’s favourite Auntie Slatts grinning maniacally with a black dildo affixed to his cranium like some form of majestic sexual unicorn in a storm of rainbow confetti.

Details of the Parrot’s new LP are slim pickings at the moment but, speaking with Music Feeds, frontman/metal banshee Matt Young says it’s the band’s “most vicious and abrasive release to date”.

“We’ve made a pact not to steer from our original path, and to delve deeper into the initial sound we created,” he says.

“I’m happy to say that not only is this a continuation, but a definite progression of the King Parrot sound.”

King Parrot’s new album will follow 2015’s Dead Set, which was produced by Pantera legend Phil Anselmo. But, this time around, the lads decided to go back to their roots.

“We should hopefully be working with our friend Jason Fuller from Goatsound Studios who produced our first record,” Youngy told us in an interview back in January, and he’s since confirmed that yep, Fuller is back at the helm this time around.

“He’s a good friend of ours, he used to play in Blood Duster, who were a legendary Aussie metal band,” the frontman explains. “And obviously we did the last album with Phil Anselmo over in the states, that was a really cool experience and one of those sort of circumstantial things that sort of worked out for us and obviously a great opportunity to go and record with an iconic person in the metal scene!

“But I think this time we sort of just wanted to come back home and record at a studio where we’re comfortable and we knew the people a little bit better. You know, Jason really understands the Australian sound and the way that we try to portray our music, that sort-of tongue-in-cheek style. And he has a real ear for that sort of grindcore sound and those production values that we look for in a producer.

“Hopefully by the time it’s finished we’re gonna have a really great product and another killer Aussie metal album to put in the catalogue.”

Youngy also added that we should have a new King Parrot album in our hands in “the second half of 2017” sometime.


Watch the band’s terrifying teaser clip, starring Slatts and a giant black dildo, below.

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