Kirin J Callinan’s Sample Of Jimmy Barnes Screaming Is An Amazing Meme Now

Kirin J Callinan‘s track ‘Big Enough‘ from his recently released album Bravado sees Aussie music icon Jimmy Barnes performing some perfectly pitched screaming, and now the scream has become a meme.

The track features Barnes, Alex Cameron and Molly Lewis, and the video sees Barnsey super-imposed into the sky for his part.

As The Industry Observer points out, his vocals have been lifted and attached to various scenes from movies and TV shows, creating some genuinely awesome clips.

Some of the best examples use footage from Rick And Morty, Star Wars, Full Metal Jacket, The Simpsons, and if you scroll to the bottom we’ve thrown in a mashup with another great Australian music meme.

All there is to do now is to hope that Barnsey joins Callinan on stage to perform his scream live at newly announced marriage equality concert YesFest, where they are both listed on the bill.

Watch the original clip here, and some of the best of ‘Big Enough’ meme clips below.

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