Kobie Dee & Stan Walker
Kobie Dee & Stan Walker | Photo by Tristan Stefan Edouard

Kobie Dee Shares Video for New Single ‘Father’s Eyes’ feat. Stan Walker

Gomeroi rapper Kobie Dee has teamed up with Māori singer Stan Walker for a new single called ‘Father’s Eyes’, the follow-up to 2022’s ‘Basics’. The single has been teased for a while now: back in June, Dee posted on Instagram that he’d been in the studio with Walker and producer Matt Sadgrove in Aotearoa.

The track – which comes with a video directed by Kieran Satour – sees Walker and Dee ponder their roles as fathers and men in the community, mining the past and casting an eye to the future. The video was recorded on Bidjigal land in Sydney – watch it below.

Kobie Dee: ‘Father’s Eyes’ feat. Stan Walker

“It was really important to me to work with someone I trust and have a Creative Director like Kieran lead this project and help apply a cultural lens and make sure both our Aboriginal and Māori cultures were represented appropriately and in a strong, beautiful way,” Kobie Dee said of the video. 

“It was a great collaboration and I feel everyone that was involved really resonated with what the track was about and really captured the vision for the video clip.”

“Working with Kobie and Stan on this clip was such a blessing,” said director Kieran Satour. “This special song, deeply grounded in their own experiences as Indigenous fathers and sons, is about highlighting the strength and resilience of all the families out there striving to break cycles.”

Kobie Dee has been fairly active on the touring circuit recently, playing SXSW Sydney, Listen Out, and BIGSOUND.

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