Koolism Bring Baby On Stage At Come Together

It’s all happening today at this year’s Come Together Festival. After only a couple of years of being 100% hip hop, organisers managed to pull together one of the biggest lineups Aussie hip hop has to offer, including Koolism.

Despite the crowd not giving them their 100% focus, Daniel and Hau (The masterminds behind Koolism) were oozing with style on stage and played with some serious swag. The koolest part of their set was when Hau, who was handling the vocals, brought out his young child Aki. Though the ankle biter was only in the spotlight for a short period of time, the crowd absolutely loved Hau sharing that moment with them. Aki is also the namesake of one of Koolism’s crowd favorites Aki.

Koolism have come a long way since their humble beginnings in the Canberra of 1992. Having released various mixtapes over their career, the band hasn’t dropped an album since 2010. That release being The Umu, which sent fans into a frenzied craze, connecting to the duo and following them religiously ever since.

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