Korn Announce New Album ‘The Serenity Of Suffering’, Share ‘Rotting In Vain’ Video

Earlier in the week Korn began to coax us in with hushed mumblings of a forthcoming announcement, and now the band pulled back the sheet, unveiling what will be their 12th full-length album The Serenity Of Suffering, which is set for release on Friday, 21st October. The band have also dropped us a video for new song Rotting in Vain.

Korn gave Rotting in Vain its live debut during a recent performance. Scatting makes a return in the song, which is a fist-bump to the Korn of yesteryear, the Follow The Leader-era Korn — their Bass-slapping, dreadlock-flinging glory.

The song’s music video (below) is just so fucking Korn. Featuring Sons of Anarchy actor Tommy Flanagan, the video takes place in a dark, eerie dimension heavily informed by the message of the track, as explained by main man Jonathan Davis:

Rotting in Vain was written about being in that black place, being in situations that I don’t like in life — be it relationships, or feeling when you’re stuck and you’re just being abused or you don’t like where you’re at, and you just sit there and rot.

“It takes you years and years to figure out how to claw your way out. That’s where Rotting in Vain came from. I’m just sitting there, fucking dying and letting it happen for years and years and not helping myself to get out of that place. That’s the vibe that inspired the song.”

As though the prospect of Korn returning to form wasn’t enough of a kicker, The Serenity Of Suffering will feature vocals from Slipknot’s Corey Taylor. What will this do to the universe? Only time will tell.

Watch the Rotting In Vain video below, alongside the album art for The Serenity Of Suffering.

Watch: Korn – ‘Rotting In Vain’

Korn – ‘The Serenity Of Suffering’ Album Art

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