Korn Bassist Fieldy Gets A Crucifix Facial Tattoo

Korn bassist Reginald Quincy “Fieldy” Arvizu has been photographed by his bandmate, guitarist Brian “Head” Welch, sporting a crucifix facial tattoo. Sharing the photo (below) on Instagram yesterday, 21st March, Head commented: “My boy Fieldy’s new face tattoo… REPRESENTING.”

Fieldy discussed his faith in a lengthy 2009 interview with, in which he was asked if he ever thought that his God wouldn’t forgive him. “You know, I didn’t have that problem,” he replied. “Now that I believe in God, it’s obvious he’s almighty. He created the universe. Because he created something so big, my biggest problems are so small to him!”

Fieldy went on to discuss his idea of forgiveness, and admitted that he was still a “work in progress”:

“Once you realize that Jesus died on the cross and forgave you of your sins, you’re like, ‘Wow, somebody did that for me!’ It’s pretty crazy to know that someone died for us — yet we’re all sinners! I’ve done so many things and asked for his forgiveness. But even today, I know I’m still going to fall short in certain ways. I’m still a work in progress.”

It’s clear that Fieldy’s faith shifted his focus, changing his lifestyle in a positive way. “Now, I’ll go out and see the city we’re in while on tour,” he revealed, “I’ll get up and go work out, or make music during the day. I’ve just replaced my old lifestyle by doing all kinds of things that are rewarding.”

In his 2009 memoir Got The Life: My Journey Of Addiction, Faith, Recovery And Korn, Fieldy discusses his various struggles with drug and alcohol addiction and why he became a born-again Christian to help get his life back together.

Korn were in Australian recently for Soundwave 2014. Check out Music Feedsphotos and interview with the band. The group’s eleventh full-length studio effort The Paradigm Shift was released in 2013.

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