Korn Want To Drop Their “Amazing” New Album Next Year, Says Brian ‘Head’ Welch

Brian ‘Head’ Welch has given an update on Korn‘s next album, teasing that “fans are going to be pleasantly surprised”.

Speaking with Consequence Of Sound in an interview about his new documentary, Loud Krazy Love, the guitarist says the band have “some amazing tricks up our sleeves”, despite taking a year off.

“We all have our lives, our personal lives, and some of these guys have young children, so we decided to just take a year off, and just kind of take our time,” he explains.

“Everyone is really enjoying time at home with their kids, so we work and then we take a break, and we work, and take a break.”

Welch then gave a very detailed account of where the nu-metal lords were at with their 13th studio album.

“At this time, guitars aren’t finished, and I don’t know if we’re done writing,” he added.

“We’ve written a lot, but I’m not sure if we’re done writing yet. Bass is not done. Most of the drums are done on the songs we have, and a little bit of vocals have been worked on.”

As for when fans can expect to hear the new material, Welch said: “We’d love to get it out before the end of next year. I know there’s a lot of good bands coming out with music next year. It’s gonna be exciting.”

It comes after comments by frontman Jonathan Davis, calling Korn one of the “last real rock bands”.

Watch the trailer for Head’s incredibly personal new doco Loud Krazy Love, about his experiences with addiction, fatherhood, religion and superstardom, below.

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