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Image for Lady Gaga Gets Nude, Moans And Hugs Crystals For Art’s Sake

Lady Gaga Gets Nude, Moans And Hugs Crystals For Art’s Sake

Written by Sarah Bella on August 8, 2013

Look, we’re going to straight-up warn you here – if you watch this two minute video of Lady Gaga giving the Marina Abramović Method a go, it’s two minutes of your life you ain’t gonna get back.

What we can promise you is lots of NSFW nudity, some hugging of crystals, and a blindfold that kind of looks like the singer got impaled through the back of the eyeballs by two unicorns simultaneously.

Abramović, who refers to herself as “the grandmother of performance art”, teaches said method, which consists of “a series of exercises designed to heighten participants’ awareness of their physical and mental experience in the present moment”. This particular instance also heightens the audience’s physical and mental experience of Lady Gaga’s boobs in the present moment.

Gaga is following in the footsteps of Jay Z, who performed his track Picasso Baby for six hours straight in an art gallery in New York last month.

Gaga apparently undertook the method last week at a 3-day retreat, with this video being the result. We sort of hope the 27-year-old didn’t spend good money on it, although she did just top Forbes’ Highest Earners Under 30 list, so she can probably make collages out of hundred dollar bills in the name of art for all she cares.

The Born This Way vocalist is set to drop Applause, the first single from her forthcoming third studio album ARTPOP, in the States on 19th August.

(via Antiquiet)

Watch: The Abramović Method Practiced By Lady Gaga

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