Ladyhawke Shares New Material From Her “Cathartic” New Album ‘Wild Things’

Ladyhawke, aka New Zealand’s Pip Brown, has released two new songs ahead of her new album, Wild Things, to be released on June 3.

The lead single from the album, titled A Love Song, is a candy pop number with heart (just as we’ve come to expect from Ladyhawke). A super cute animated lyric video accompanies the song, but sits in contrast to lyrics that are just a little bit dark.

The second track Brown has released, Sweet Fascination, is an addictively-catchy musing on infatuation and fantasy. It continues to do what Ladyhawke does so well; merging pop and smarts.

There are indeed heavy things Ladyhawke explores in this album. Brown told triple j in an interview that over the course of making the album, she overcame alcohol addiction. “I’d never done a sober show in my life until last December,” she said. She is now celebrating stability, and having a wife, she says, and this might be the reason she has gone “even more synthy and poppy this time around.”

In the production of Wild Things, Ladyhawke worked in LA with producer Tommy English, who is known for work with Tiësto, Børns and Dark Waves.

Hear and see the new tracks below:

Watch: Ladyhawke, A Love Song

Watch: Ladyhawke, Sweet Fascination

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