Lana Del Rey Looking To Branch Out Into Film And ‘Stay There’

In just a short matter of time, Lana Del Rey has become one of the indie pop queens, though according to a recent interview with Vogue Australia (Via NineMSN) The enigmatic songstress has made it clear that she has another industry in her sights, the feature film biz.

As Del Rey explains, the decision isn’t so random in her eyes, and was something she planned on doing all along. “When I was starting, I had a vision of being a writer for film and that’s what I am doing now. I’m so happy,” the mysterious performer explained, revealing that something is in fact in the words, though keeping her cards close to her chest on just what is on the horizon for the National Anthem singer.

“Hopefully I will branch into film work and stay there. That will be my happy place. I’d like to stay in one place for a long time,” she added, explaining that her love for film is enough to take her away from music.

If you’ve been following Del Rey’s career, it’s really no surprise. The one-time professional model has a very hands-on approach with her own video clips, which are all fairly heavily layered and artistic as it is. She has even showcased her acting abilities in her latest video effort for National Anthem. Check it out below; does she have what it takes?

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