Laneway Festival Apologies After M83 Set Gets Cut Short

Laneway Festival organisers have issued an apology to fans after M83’s set was cut short last night in Brisbane. M83’s set was delayed 30 minutes after some major sound issues, forcing the band to cut their set short due to the Brisbane city council sound laws.

A punter told

it was the worst sound engineering I’ve ever heard at a music festival, period.

Laneway Festival apology:

We are sorry for the delay. It was due to technical difficulties beyond M83 and our control. Thanks for your patience and enjoy the show.

Pedestrian has posted some responses from festival goers:

“Shortest set I saw all day .. Worst end to what was a great day”

“Feist was getting electrical shocks from the mic. M83: Such a short set… sound was poor. Yes I’m having a whinge, but I paid good money to see an artist I LOVE and it was only 30 mins long. M83 should have copped the council fine for noise or something, and have them play a full set”

“I don’t think saying the whole day sucked is over the top at all. I heard about 8 bands today, some of them among my favourites, and at the end of the day it would’ve sounded better on my laptop and that’s not cool for the artists or the punters.”

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