Lars Ulrich: ‘I Think “Lulu” Is Going To Age Well’

Metallica drummer and enemy of illegal downloaders everywhere, Lars Ulrich has claimed that his band’s collaboration with the late Lou Reed, 2011’s widely panned Lulu, will go on to be viewed as an avant-garde classic in 25 years time, saying he thinks the record will “age well.”

“25 years from now, you’re going to have millions of people claiming they owned the record or loved it when it came out,” writes Ulrich in a new piece for The Guardian. “Of course neither will be true. I think it’s going to age well – when I played it yesterday it sounded fucking awesome.”

“I played the record for my kids yesterday in the car, and it sounded as relevant and more intense than ever; it sounded incredibly potent, very alive and impulsive,” he added. Ulrich’s piece comes after Reed passed away this week, aged 71.

“In some ways it’s almost cooler that people didn’t embrace it,” Ulrich writes of his band’s collaboration with the songwriter, “because it makes it more ours, it’s our project, our record, and this was never made for the masses and the masses didn’t take to it.”

In the piece, Ulrich discusses his personal connection with Reed, whom he calls “the most accomplished poet within the world of rock’n’roll,” writing “I felt in some way that I connected to his fragility…He was very open, he would say, ‘Lars, I love you,’ and text me a heart.”

(Via Ultimate Guitar)

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