‘Last Night’ Purple Sneakers, Gaelic Club – 17/06/2011

Who doesn’t like a little Friday night self mutilation? Everyone! Luckily for all of us, CUT OFF YOUR HANDS are more likely to inspire dancing than recreational wrist-slitting. Yes, the enigmatic New Zealand four piece have decided to grace our shores once again, and for the first time – our LAST NIGHT stage. We’ll be back-combing our Morrissey quiffs and carefully rehearsing our I-swear-these-are-improvised Ian Curtis dance moves for the post-punksters when they land on June 17th.

As if we weren’t in enough mortal danger – our main supports STEP PANTHER will have us swimming with the fishes after their surf infused set. The band has had audiences sun struck over the past year – so have your mum pack the aloe vera.

While we’re traversing the waves, we can also find dangers in the deep in the form of ONLY THE SEA SLUGS. We’ve invited the Slugs down to teach you a lesson or two about water safety – a devil-may-care attitude may get you cred on the waves – but it’ll probably mean a tactical vom or two at Last Night.

The safety hazards continue late into the night as we see INDIAN SUMMER (MELB), PhDJ, M.I.T and RANDALL STAGG cutting loose on the decks. Old hands THOSE PIPE DJS will be throwing knives and taking names upstairs in the Glass Room as they unveil their first PARTY ROCK PARTY – sure to see you leave with stitches.

‘Last Night’ Purple Sneakers, Every Friday @ The Gaelic Club


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