Images: Instagram / Gavin Russom

LCD Soundsystem’s Gavin Russom Comes Out As Transgender In Powerful New Interview

LCD Soundsystem synth player Gavin Russom has come out as transgender in a passionate new interview.

The 43-year-old tells Pitchfork that she tried to make her trans identity known at various points in her life, but it wasn’t until after LCD’s 2016 comeback tour that she found the strength she needed.

“It felt like there was almost another person constantly walking next to me being like, ‘Hey, hey, hey, pay attention to me, hey, hey, hey,'” she explains.

“I had worked enough that I felt I could take two months and just say, ‘I’m going to take care of this now.'”

She explains that the whole experience “has been one of things falling into place, things that maybe seemed incongruous about my life”.

“Having gone through 42 and a half years of being in denial and trying to work through this stuff has given me a lot of experience,” she adds.

Russom has also confirmed she’ll keep her old name but start using feminine pronouns from now on.

You can catch LCD Soundsystem’s new album American Dream when it lands on 1st September and check out their Splendour In The Grass sideshows here.

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