Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant Stalked By Crazed Fan

Legendary Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant has reportedly taken out a temporary restraining order against a deluded fan who believes she is in a relationship with the lead vocalist and lyricist, despite never having met him.

According to TMZ, Plant has been harassed by a woman named Alysson Billings for over 3 years now, with the obsessed fan showing up at his concerts all over the world, leaving him hotel keys and sending random packages and flowers.

Supposedly the stalking has taken a turn for the worse since Plant got together with his new girlfriend, American folk musician Patty Griffin, with Billings sending threatening messages to Plant:

Your betrayal with another woman still stabs my mind.

This woman is literally evil for you and your life … you are about to fall for that dirty old crotch. And I’m not joking, I cannot, will not, shall not live this way anymore.

She’s got you so pussy whooped and henpecked, it makes me want to puke … and I’m telling you that rotten crotch is ruining you.

Nope, we’re not too sure what pussy whooping involves either, but it doesn’t sound too sanitary. Plant obviously agrees, saying he fears for his safety and is hiring a security assessment team.

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