Lemmy Kilmister’s Handwritten Warning Against Heroin Revealed After 22 Years

A letter written by late Motörhead frontman Lemmy Kilmister, in which he warns of the dangers of heroin use, has been publicly released by the journalist who received the note from the legendary rocker back in 1994.

Writing for MetalTalk, former Metal Hammer columnist Pippa Lang has revealed the personal message she received from Kilmister 22 years ago, in which he responds to a column she wrote about the pitfalls and consequences of heroin.

In the letter, which can be seen in photos below, Kilmister congratulates Lang on her “diatribe against heroin”, and praises her for not glamorising heroin like some other music journalists.

“I’ve been saying the same thing for 20 bloody years, but they always know better, and they always snort it, not shoot it, and they always only do it at the weekend, and they always look at you with their stupid-cunning pinhead eyes and smirk – and they always die in a pool of their own blood with embolisms behind their knees, and they always break your fucking heart,” Kilmister writes.

“It’s the most vile fucking drug in the world. And these fucking writers still glamourise it, and I don’t know why.

“Why is it romantic to turn into a cringing little shithead with unhealed sores all over your body, unwashed and stinking with a three-week-old needle and your teeth falling out?”

In his letter, Kilmister says that he had seen at least 300 friends become involved with heroin, and recalls one particular time in London when the worst happened.

“One guy, when I was in Earl’s Court, went up to Piccadilly to score, really hurting, and he came back to the Earl’s Court Road cafe we were lounging about in, ran in the crapper to get well — and two minutes later came out the door backwards, his face black and his eyes rolled up, his tongue swollen so big it wouldn’t fit in his mouth.

“Some bastard sold him rat poison, aka certain death, smiled at him, took his £8 and sent him on his way, KNOWING. Murder, right?

“And that’s who you’re dealing with. No, no, no. Don’t be a sap. Don’t ‘just say no,’ kick his fucking teeth in. He wants to fuck up your life and probably everyone else you know’s life too.”

Signing off, Kilmister wrote, “Just thought I’d tell you. Love, Lemmy.”

Speaking about the letter, Lang says, “I’ve just found this after many years and it nearly brought me to tears. I want to share Lemmy’s letter with you, and I know he would approve.

“It is moving, emotional and intensely personal but, most of all, it conveys Lemmy’s loathing of the dealers of death who could not care less about the tragic consequences of selling their poisonous wares.”

You can catch photos of Lemmy’s full handwritten note, below.

Since his death in December 2015, Kilmister has also posthumously starred in a charity’s public service announcement to try and raise awareness about human trafficking.

Photos via MetalTalk

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