Lemmy Kilmister’s Mate Pens Touching Tribute To Late Motörhead Frontman

Motörhead‘s creative consultant Steffan Chirazi has penned a stirring and heartwarming tribute to his good friend Lemmy Kilmister, Motörhead’s late frontman who died earlier this week, aged 70.

Chirazi’s tribute to his good mate, which hits right in the feels with its candid takes on Kilmister’s antics and quirks, sees the writer recount some of his favourite Lemmy memories, but there’s a deep sadness throughout.

“I haven’t been able to fully read memorials, and I have only just been able to start playing the music that’s in my DNA (loud you’ll be please to know),” Chirazi says.

“I remarked to my wife that the house looks different, rooms look different, the day feels odd, the light, the air all seems different.

“It is. Lemmy wasn’t going to go.”

Chirazi says he fondly remembers the time Kilmister “gave me that pint of vodka and orange when I was 15 and he was 10 feet tall and indestructible”.

Chirazi says there’s also the time in Dublin when Kilmister put him in a headlock and his nose “ended up squarely in his arm-pit”. “It was the finest of colognes, the scent of a lifestyle lived on his terms, and it’s scent never left me,” Chriazi says. “Never.”

It’s “no secret” that Kilmister loved speed, bourbon and vodka, Chirazi says. “Of course it slowly took his health, that doesn’t take a genius, but fuck anyone who doesn’t understand that Lemmy lived HIS life HIS way. Not yours. Not mine. His.”

In closing, Chirazi says Kilmister’s death “won’t sink in for a while”. “I’ll still be hoping he likes what I’ve had to say when he reads it, but he won’t read it because he isn’t here and I have to deal with it. I have to understand that,” he says, before addressing Lemmy man-to-man.

“Please know that I am going to continue living my life on my terms. My way. My time,” he says. “Because YOU gave me the strength, and belief, to do so.”

Since Kilmister’s death, Motörhead have issued a statement saying the frontman died of an aggressive form of cancer after being diagnosed on Boxing Day. The band’s drummer, Mikkey Dee, has said that without Kilmister, “Motörhead is over, of course.”

Read Chirazi’s touching tribute to Kilmister in two parts, below.

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