Liam Gallagher Is Prepping A Solo Album Of “John Lennon-y” Ballads And “Rock ‘N’ Roll Bangers”

Liam Gallagher has revealed details about his forthcoming solo album due for release in 2017.

After Oasis split in 2009, Gallagher formed Beady Eye and released two albums with the band, however, now he’s going it alone, signing a record deal with Warner Bros.

Speaking with The Sunday Times about the record which he’s still working on he said, “It’s sounding promising.”

By the sounds of it, it’s going to be a diverse record with Gallagher revealing that he’ll be exploring both his dancier and softer sides.

“It’s a bit of everything,” he said.

“A few are a bit ‘Working Class Hero’, which suits my Rolls-Royce. And garage-rock psychedelia, in your face. There’s a song I like called ‘Over’ — acoustic, faraway voices. Cool. I think it will put a few people in their place.”

He further promised to The Telegraph that there would be “John Lennon-y things” and also “rock ‘n’ roll bangers” which sounds pretty appetising.

Back in July, Gallagher told fans on Twitter that there would be “no Oasis reunion” but he did say he was working on “new sounds”. At the time, fans weren’t sure whether he was forming a new band or going solo. He did once say that he wouldn’t release a solo album because, “I’m not a cunt,” but it looks like that has changed.

Just in case you were wondering, Liam didn’t pass up the chance to call Noel a “potato”.

He’s currently promoting the Oasis documentary Supersonic and he’s obviously being asked a lot of questions about an Oasis reunion.

According to Liam, it’s Noel’s “missus” Sara McDonald who is blocking the reunion.

“She wears the trousers,” he said before saying that he’s attempted to “extend the olive branch” to Noel many times but he’s, “blanked it.”

While Liam reckons that an Oasis reunion is “a bazillion light years away” he would “love to”. The ball is in Noel’s court now.

Watch: Supersonic Trailer

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