Listen: Billy Talent Put Entire ‘Dead Silence’ Album Up For Stream

There has been a whole lotta buzz around Billy Talent‘s fourth studio album Dead Silence, and now you can see why. The band has today put the full record up for stream via SoundCloud.

The album, set for release September 10, was produced by guitarist Ian D’Sa, giving the band much more control over the process. Dead Silence is the first time that Billy Talent have titled a record unlike a Rocky movie, with all their previous albums being a numbered self-titled release, i.e Billy Talent, Billy Talent II and Billy talent III.

The band was actually just in town, so Aussie fans would have had the privilege of being some of the first in the world to hear the new tunage. They will soon be heading off to Europe to showcase the album there.

Here is a bit of a fun fact from NME: Dead Silence is actually the fifth release from the group who once released an album Watoosh back in 1999 under the moniker of Pezz.

Check out the album below.

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