Listen: ‘Do We? We do’ From Beck’s Sheet Music Album

Last week we found out that Beck would be releasing a new album. The only catch is that it’s actually an album’s worth of new and unreleased material in the form of a book called Song Reader. Of course the only way we’re going to hear any of it, is if someone decides to interpret and record one of the tracks and put it up online.

This is what New York musician Max Miller has done, and I’m sure it will be the first of many to come. It’s not exactly Beck, but it’s probably the closest we’ll get to hearing the new songs for a while. Miller has taken the track Do we? We do (listen below), and given it a haunted feeling, all based on a tiny screenshot of the sheet music. The actual songbook itself will not be released until December, so you can forgive him if it sounds a little rough.

The final book will contain other songs, including another track named Don’t Act Like Your Heart Isn’t Hard, to make up 20 individual song booklets of the 20 tracks, with two of those being instrumentals. Song Reader also features individual artwork for each of the 20 tracks, created by the likes of Jessica Hische, Leanne Shapton, Marcel Dzama and Josh Cochran.

The songbook will be out in December via publishers Faber and Faber, and is meant to enable fans to ‘bring them (the songs) to life’ themselves. Beck will be in Australia later this year on the Harvest Festival 2012 lineup.

Listen: Beck (Max Miller) – Do we? We do (rough preview page demo)

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