Listen: New Song By Jeff Tweedy And His Sons

Quasi-avant garde San Francisco denizens Deerhoof are putting out a series of singles where carefully selected guest vocalists sing on instrumental tracks from Deerhoof’s most recent album Deerhoof vs Evil.

The latest to try their luck is none other than Wilco‘s Jeff Tweedy, who sings on a new 7″ called Behold A Raccoon In The Darkness. The original track that Tweedy sings over is Behold A Marvel In The Darkness, reports Pitchfork, where you can hear the track.

In an added twist, the B-side to the single is the first offering from a strange new side-project from the Wilco frontman. Going by the name The Raccoonists, this is actually Tweedy and his two sons, Sam and Spencer, the latter being a blogger who seems to look nearly identical to his old man. The song is called Own It – it was recorded in the young Tweedy brothers’ bedroom, and you can hear the results below.

The single is out as limited edition on October 11 through Polyvinyl.

The Raccoonists – Own It

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