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Image for Listen: Santigold Unveils New Track ‘Girls’

Listen: Santigold Unveils New Track ‘Girls’

Written by Alex Langlands on December 11, 2012

American songstress, Santigold, has unveiled a brand new track for the impending soundtrack to American hit TV show ‘Girls’. The song, titled Girls (naturally) is one of a few new tracks on the album, mixed in with songs currently breaking into the mainstream market. The track, built on synth and looped vocals, features a verse that sounds strikingly similar to a cheeky rap, something Santigold has never really done before. Regardless, Girls is available for your listening pleasure below.

Also featured on the album are the likes of Fun., Robyn, Icona Pop, The Vaccines, Belle & Sebastian and stacks more. In essence, it’s a Fuzzy Promotions wet dream. The album is set for release on January 8th. Speaking out about the necessity for music in television, writer Lena Dunham said the following:

Music is such a huge part of my creative process. I make playlists to write by and listen to as I head to set in the morning, and I experiment in editing with songs that the characters would love and that accurately reflect their struggles. Girls‘ music supervisor Manish Raval and I are crazy about everything from the pop that teen girls devour to the niche indie rock from days of yore. To collaborate with Fueled by Ramen and so many artists who inspire me on this compilation is a dream.

01. Robyn – ‘Dancing On My Own’
02. Fun. – ‘Sight Of The Sun’ *
03. Harper Simon – ‘Wishes And Stars’
04 .Santigold – ‘Girls’ *
05. White Sea – ‘Overdrawn’
06. Grouplove – ‘Everyone’s Gonna Get High’ *
07. Icona Pop – ‘I Love It’
08. The Echo-Friendly – ‘Same Mistakes’
09. Belle & Sebastian – ‘I Don’t Love Anyone’
10. Fleet Foxes – ‘Montezuma’
11. Oh Land – ‘White Nights’
12. The Vaccines – ‘Wreckin’ Bar (Ra Ra Ra)’
13. Lia Ices – ‘Love Is Won’
14. Michael Penn – ‘On Your Way’ *

01. Robyn – ‘Dancing On My Own’
02. Fun. – ‘Sight Of The Sun’ *
03. Harper Simon – ‘Wishes And Stars’
04. Santigold – ‘Girls’ *
05. White Sea – ‘Overdrawn’
06. Grouplove – ‘Everyone’s Gonna Get High’ *
07. Sleigh Bells – ‘Infinity Guitars’ **
08. Tegan & Sara – ‘Fool To Cry’ * **
09. The Echo-Friendly – ‘Same Mistakes’
10. Icona Pop – ‘I Love It’
11. Belle & Sebastian – ‘I Don’t Love Anyone’
12. The Troggs – ‘With A Girl Like You’ **
13. Fleet Foxes – ‘Montezuma’
14. Oh Land – ‘White Nights’
15. Generationals – ‘Yours Forever’ **
16. The Vaccines – ‘Wreckin’ Bar (Ra Ra Ra)’
17. Lia Ices – ‘Love Is Won’
18. Michael Penn – ‘On Your Way’ *


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