Listen To Becca Hatch & B Wise’s New Collaborative Single ‘B The One’

Sydney legends, Becca Hatch and B Wise have teamed up for a new single called ‘B The One’.

It’s a stunning single combining Becca Hatch’s beautiful vocals with B Wise’s hip hop sensibilities. Though, B Wise does show more of a soulful RnB sound on the release.

The new single comes with a music video too. It’s a big vibe, with Hatch and Wise cruising around in a Mustang finding themselves in the most picturesque scenes.

You can watch the DENISON-directed music video for ‘B The One’ down below.

“When you’re with someone in the studio, you know within the first five minutes if it’s gonna be weird,” says B Wise. “It was never like that with Becca.”

“When she came, we were just talking and laughing, then she’d show me what she’d been working on up until that point. Then I’d show her what I’d been doing and then we got the idea of what we both wanted. Bec has more of an R&B background than I do, but I’ve been trying to balance the melodic stuff with the rapping too on what I’ve been doing lately.”

“I look to Wise as a big brother,” adds Becca Hatch. “So getting in with him for the first time was really sick.”

Watch the video for ‘B The One’ below.

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