Watch Electric Fields’ Spine-Tingling Cover Of Kev Carmody & Paul Kelly’s ‘From Little Things Big Things Grow’

Today is the day that huge Kev Carmody tribute album Cannot Buy My Soul arrives. From it, we have Electric Fields delivering the most stunning version of ‘From Little Things Big Things Grow’. It comes with a powerful video too.

This serves as a really special tribute to Carmody. He co-wrote this song with Paul Kelly about the Gurindji people’s fight for land rights in the Northern Territory. The fight was led by Vincent Lingiari.

Lingiari’s voice is sampled throughout the Electric Fields cover as well as Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara language. They seamlessly merge the original beauty of the track with traditional culture touches, all while sprinkling a touch of 2020’s sonic landscape in.

You can catch the Electric Fields cover and video down below.

Also appearing on the Kev Carmody tribute album is Courtney Barnett with ‘Just For You’ which you can watch here.

As well as that, Bernard Fanning takes on ‘Elly’, Jimmy Barnes joins Kasey Chambers on ‘Black Bees’, and Archie Roach takes on ‘Cannot Buy My Soul’.

Catch the full tracklisting down below.

Kev Carmody ‘Cannot Buy My Soul’ ‘2020’ Tracklisting

Disc 1

Black Bess – Kasey Chambers, Jimmy Barnes

Rider In The Rain 2020 – Mo’Ju, Trials, Birdz

Blue You – Alice Skye

From Little Things Big Things Grow – Electric Fields

Blood Red Rose – Kate Miller-Heidke

Just For You – Courtney Barnett

I’ve Been Moved – Dan Kelly

Thou Shalt Not Steal – John Butler

Elly – Bernard Fanning

The Young Dancer Is Dead – The Last Kinection

From Little Things Big Things Grow – The Waifs

River Of Tears – The Drones

On The Wire – Troy Cassar-Daley

Cannot Buy My Soul – Archie Roach

Moonstruck – Sara Storer

This Land Is Mine – Dan Sultan

Darkside – Tex Perkins

Blood Red Rose – Clare Bowditch

Comrade Jesus Christ – The Herd

Images of London – Steve Kilbey

Droving Woman – Augie March, Paul Kelly and Missy Higgins

Eulogy For A Black Person – Pigram Brothers

Disc 2

Black Bess – Kev Carmody

Rider In The Rain – Kev Carmody

Blue You – Kev Carmody

From Little Things Big Things Grow – Kev Carmody with Paul Kelly and Tiddas

Blood Red Rose – Kev Carmody

Just For You – Kev Carmody

I’ve Been Moved – Kev Carmody

Thou Shalt Not Steal – Kev Carmody

Elly – Kev Carmody

The Young Dancer Is Dead – Kev Carmody

River Of Tears – Kev Carmody

On The Wire – Kev Carmody

Cannot Buy My Soul – Kev Carmody

Moonstruck – Kev Carmody

This Land Is Mine – Kev Carmody with Paul Kelly and Kelton Pell

Darkside – Kev Carmody

Comrade Jesus Christ – Kev Carmody

Images of London – Kev Carmody

Droving Woman – Kev Carmody

Eulogy For A Black Person – Kev Carmody

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