Listen To ‘Froomesworld: The Song’ Feat. Flume + G Flip

Flume and G Flip have collaborated for the first time thanks to Frooomes and the results are glorious.

Froomesworld‘ the ‘debut single’ from comedian and influencer Frooomes, features G Flip turning it up on the chorus, with Flume handling production duties during his recent 14 days stay in mandated hotel quarantine.

Froomes, for their part, delivers a series of hilarious verses detailing the origin story of @frooomes. Steeped in mythology and spitting fire, ‘Froomesworld’ delivers the goods, proving not only is Frooomes a god of humour, but a budding musical genius as well. Something that Frooomes always knew was part of their destiny. “I’ve always been interested in becoming a musical genius, but I didn’t know how it was gonna come about”

Sunday’s triple j debut on the ‘Tally Room’ with Dave Ruby Howe was a landmark moment for Frooomes. Somewhat fittingly for the iso-era ‘Frooomesworld’ origin story is a delay in an airport. “About a month ago I was waiting for a flight… I had so much time to kill, so I thought I’d start this song I’d always wanted to do.”

The lyrics are full of callbacks to classic @frooomes moments and motifs, making ‘Froomesworld’ a treat for followers and probably rendering it completely lost on anyone who isn’t in on the joke.

Flume and G Flip for their parts absolutely nail the vibe on the collaboration that started thanks to Flume reaching out after seeing @Frooomes flailing about on GarageBand on IG.

Checkout ‘Froomesworld’ complete with predictably hilarious video and signature dance below.

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