Photo: Jess Brohier

Listen To June Jones’ Powerful New Single ‘Home’

June Jones is gearing up to release her forthcoming album Leafcutter later this month, and now she’s delivered another single from the record with ‘Home’.

‘Home’ follows the release of ‘Jenny (Breathe)’ and ‘Therapy’ last year, and is equally as emotionally cutting as its predecessors, with poignant lyrics crooned over stabbing, rapid-fire synths.

“It’s a song about being a trans woman in love, both with another person, and (eventually, hopefully) with herself,” Jones said of the song.

“It’s a reflection on the idea of the body as a place that we are always arriving at, a home that is both constant and constantly changing.”

Jones has also unveiled a music video for the song, which sees her play a variety of characters – a housewife, a sci-fi character and an ancient Greek actress.

Of the choice to play multiple characters, Jones said, “Originally, I was planning to play just a single character in the clip, one who could embody the way that I see myself – as a trans woman, as someone whose relationship with her body has been tumultuous but in no way wholly negative.

“It soon dawned on me that I could never do that with just one character.”

Leafcutter is out Friday, 19th February. Watch the video for ‘Home’ below.

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