Listen To Marilyn Manson’s “End Of The World” Inspired New Single ‘DON’T CHASE THE DEAD’

Marilyn Manson’s latest single ‘DON’T CHASE THE DEAD’ arrived overnight with the release of his new album ‘WE ARE CHAOS’. The new single follows up the very first to be released, the title track.

Chatting to Consequence of Sound about the new track, Manson said, “[It’s] a very driving song, but when it opens up in the chorus, it has very Berlin-era [David] Bowie elements.”

“It sort of has this postulating feeling of unease but romance at the same time. And it almost sounds like what it’s saying. It sounds like the end of the world, in a way. That really was what I was trying to capture.”

On the new album, Manson says there’s a Side A and a Side B to it. “It is a flat circle and it’s up to the listener to put the last piece of the puzzle into the picture of songs,” he said.

Listen to ‘DON’T CHASE THE DEAD’ and catch the tracklisting for WE ARE CHAOS below.

Marilyn Manson ‘WE ARE CHAOS’ Tracklisting

Out today, Friday, 11th September

01. Red Black And Blue

02. We Are Chaos

03. Don’t Chase The Dead

04. Paint You With My Love

05. Half-Way & One Step Forward

06. Infinite Darkness

07. Perfume

08. Keep My Head Together

09. Solve Coagula

10. Broken Needle

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