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Listen To REMI’s Third And Final Album Together, ‘Fried’

It’s the end of an era. Earlier this week, we were met with the unfortunate news that REMI – consisting of Remi Kolawole and producer Sensible J – were disbanding.

But, before they leave us, they’re delivering their swan song in the form of their final album together, Fried. It’s out today, and includes features from the likes of Silentjay, Whosane, Tyler Daley, Lori, Konny Kon, Baasto and Jace XL.

The album was recorded at House of Beige Studios, and is their third overall, following 2014’s excellent Raw x Infinity and 2016’s Divas and Demons.

In a statement released today, Sensible J showed his appreciation for everyone who has supported the duo over the past decade.

“Thank you to everyone over the last 10-11 years who have listened and supported the music, bought a ticket to a show, bought merch, told a friend. Thank you to all the radio stations and presenters, records stores, blogs, media and writers, booking agents, publicists (esp Thinking Loud and Aniela), photographers, venues and festivals for your support,” he said.

“Thank you to all the artists who shared the stage with us,” he added. “Grateful for the all the experiences and the whole journey. Thank you Remi.”

Listen to Fried in full below.

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