Photo: Michelle Grace Hunder

Listen To Ruel’s New Single ‘GROWING UP IS _____’

Ruel returns today with a smashing new earworm titled ‘GROWING UP IS _____’. Accompanying the studio version is a live recording of the single too.

The single follows a string of single releases, including January’s ‘too many feelings’ and August’s ‘Notice Me’, which was a collaboration with Ruel and Dylan J.

The song is one of his most infectious yet, with his dreamy vocal slotting perfectly in with the mid-tempo instrumental. It’s an anthem for the youth of today, acknowledging the strange time it is to be trying to figure one’s self out.

The live video sees Ruel performing the track live with his band. It was filmed at Filmworx in Melbourne.

Watch the live recording, or listen to the studio recording below – or both if you’re keen.


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