Image: John Hatfield

Listen To R U N, The New Project From Triple J’s Lochlan Watt And Mike Deslandes (High Tension)

Two of Australian heavy music’s best have joined forces, with Lochlan Watt and Mike Deslandes announcing their new band R U N with debut single ‘For You’ today.

You may recognise Watt as the long-running host of triple j’s The Racket program, from earlier bands such as Nuclear Summer and Colossvs, as well as time spent performing vocals live for the likes of Thy Art Is Murder and Psycroptic.

Deslandes, on the other hand, primarily serves up riffs for Melbourne punk/metal outfit High Tension, and also plays in heavy hitters YLVA.

On ‘For You’, co-written by the pair and produced by Deslandes, the duo showcase an amalgamation of influences, coming right out of the gate with crushingly heavy riffs, propulsive blast beats and Watt’s ferocious vocals before giving way to moments of melancholic, atmospheric post-metal.

“There are several meanings tied up in ‘For You’ – it is a song born from extreme emotional pain, but it is also a song that looks forward while standing firm,” explains Watt. “It wasn’t written for others… it was written for the self, and where you take it from there is up to you.”

Watch the video for ‘For You’ below. According to a press release, details of a full release are on the way.

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