Triple J’s Lochlan Watt Explains How He Landed His Epic Thy Art Is Murder Frontman Gig

Yesterday we heard that triple j’s The Racket host Lochlan Watt got to fly to the US and join Thy Art Is Murder as fill-in vocalist on their Coffin-Dragger tour.

Watt talked to triple j about his first night on the road with TAIM in Tucson, Arizona last night. “It was fun! I had to learn a 12 song set in just a few days and so I didn’t 100% nail it but the energy was pretty cool, it felt good. The crowd got into it, a crazy reaction, and I got swamped by kids afterwards wanting pictures and autographs, telling me how I was great. So that’s a good sign.”

It was only a couple of days between Watt getting a call to fill in and being on a plane to the US. “Finished work on 5pm on Friday afternoon, got a message saying ‘do you have a valid passport?’ 12 hours later my flights were booked,” he said.

Of course, he described the opportunity as a dream come true. “I’ve been singing in bands for a long time and touring the States in a big proper tour has always been one of the dreams; it’s never quite happened yet. Then all of a sudden this popped up.”

Watt has been a contender for vocalist for the band ever since ex-frontman CJ McMahon split from TAIM last year for financial reasons.

“I got hit up that same day the news became public to ask if I’d be interested in trying out for the band. I was like ‘of course!'” he said. After auditions, the band decided on Molotov Solution frontman Nick Arthur.

TAIM and Watts – who is also the vocalist of COLOSSVS – go way back, and were friends back in their early days. “Our old local bands used to play shows together,” said Watts. “I used to work for their record label, released their first two albums, been on tour with them a bunch of times before. It’s pretty surreal and strange but it also kind of feels natural and familiar.”

TAIM reckon they might even take Watts with them on Europe in June/July. Here’s hoping.

Watch Thy Art Is Murder play below.

Watch: Thy Art Is Murder – Light Bearer

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