Listen To Sampa The Great And Denzel Curry Flex On ‘Lane’

Fresh off the back of her successful Coachella debut, Sampa The Great has unveiled new music in the form of ‘Lane’.

The new single, a collaboration with Denzel Curry (who also appeared at Coachella this month), is the first we’re hearing from Sampa The Great since her acclaimed 2019 album The Return. In the years that have passed since the album’s release, Sampa has appeared on numerous projects with the likes of Baker Boy, The Avalanches, Angelique Kidjo and more, but ‘Lane’ is the kick off point for her own next chapter.

Produced by Powers Pleasant, ‘Lane’ is a significant charge up and shift in tone for Sampa, which is exciting for fans and should be striking for newcomers.

“‘Lane’ is about expressing the full range of who you are without being boxed by anyone else’s definitions of you. Connecting to your younger self means connecting to your truest self, and that truest self is not confined by any labels and any boxes,” Sampa says.

The song is equal parts confrontational and meditative; both Sampa and Denzel know exactly the type of rhythm and energy they wanted to bring to this project, and the final result shines strong.

Watch the music video for ‘Lane’ below:

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