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Listen To St. Vincent’s New Single ‘Pay Your Way In Pain’

St. Vincent has shared her new single ‘Pay Your Way In Pain’ with us today. Plus, she’s finally announced her highly anticipated, sixth studio album Daddy’s Home.

‘Pay Your Way In Pain’ comes with a music video directed by Bill Benz. The video is reminiscent of something from the 70s with the outfits, kaleidoscope lighting and, lo-fi aesthetic.

Along with the single, St. Vincent has announced Daddy’s Home.

“I would say it’s the sound of being down and out Downtown in New York, 1973. Glamour that hasn’t slept for three days,” St. Vincent says.

Reflecting on her last album, Masseduction and how it translated on tour, she says, “I was like ‘oh, I just want things that are fluid and wiggly and I want this music to look like a Cassavetes film’.

“I wanted it to be warm tones and not really distorted, to tell these stories of flawed people being flawed and doing the best they can. Which is kind of what my life is.

“I went back to these records that I probably listened to more in my life than at any other time.

“Music made in New York from 1971-76, typically post-flower child, kick the hippie idealism out of it, America’s in a recession but pre-disco, the sort of gritty, raw, wiggly nihilistic part of that. It’s not a glamorous time, there’s a lot of dirt under the fingernails. It was really about feel and vibe but with song and stories.”

Daddy’s Home is an 11-track offering and it’s set for release Friday, 14th May. You can check out the artwork and tracklisting for the release below.

St. Vincent’s ‘Daddy’s Home’ Artwork

‘Daddy’s Home’ Tracklisting

Out Friday, 14th May

01. Pay Your Way in Pain

02. Down and Out Downtown

03. Daddy’s Home

04. Live in the Dream

05. The Melting of the Sun

06. The Laughing Man

07. Down

08. Somebody Like Me

09. My Baby Wants a Baby

10. …At the Holiday Party

11. Candy Darling

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